Den 8 november 1999 deltog Helle Degn i en konference i Paris, hvor hun bl.a. holdt følgende tale:

Mr. President, your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

"The Message of Hope" should be our message of the next century.

The globalisation of the 3 M's Money, Market and Media, gives people mistrust in parties and governments. How can I say so - if you just read the messages - economic crime, corruption, trade in arms, nuclear waste, biological and chemical weapons - people ask for the policy of "clean governments" and politicians. They ask for non-corrupt and clean leaders. All the right-wing parties and politicians without visions and opposition leadership capabilities - turn to the court system and spread around them the mistrust and threats to all our leaders to accuse them of corruption. It has become a method in U.S.A, France, Spain, as well as Germany and is going to be all over. So we have to take the lead in operation "Clean Hands"!

Otherwise people turn to religious-, political- and ethnic fundamentalism as the only individualised response to the globalisation and as they are shown lack of Democratic Accountability. The Democratic Deficit must not grow - we will be taken accountable for not doing our part of the work of our generation. And you and I have to start in your own family and in our own organisation - SI. Why don't you take up the good example of Lionel Jospin, Ingvard Karlson, Gro Harlem Brundtland - and give half of the power, half of all positions/chairs to the women? Do you know - 51% in Sweden's Government are women - remarkably Sweden still stands.

After serving 26 years as elected member of the Danish Parliament, serving as minister, serving now as President of the OSCE-54 countries Parliament, serving 6 years in Counsil of Europe and now 6 years as Vicepresident of SIW - I can see that members of SI need to take the good example of France and the Scandinavian countries and open your doors for the women.

The report from the Secretary General of the expansion from 70 to 150 countries is interesting.

On the 18th and 19th November the Istanbul OSCE Summit will gather 54 Heads of States and Governments to sign the Charter for Security for the 21st Century. I hope, when I as one of the only women who shall speak, to see that we all will realise that the words "New Partnership" - is understood as fundamental for security in the next century. The new types of globalised threats can not be handled by any Nation-State alone - either the name of the state is Russia, China or U.S.A.

Burma - in these very minutes Chechnya, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Angola and Burundi are just witnesses of these beyond Nation-State problems which require new partnerships.

The upcoming election in Russia and Croatia will be followed with great international observation and participation. Let me express the hope to see the moderate, democratic forces in these countries to win the elections. We need these new partners.

New partnerships and participation will be needed in the Balkan countries where we shall develop democracy from clan systems and very strong male structured systems.

"It takes only one man to make a war - but it takes women to win peace"

The globalisation also have its good sides. In the cry for transparency and democracy many women who are made invalids thanks to female circumstances, lack of food and denied fundamental rights - identified as persons, need our solidarity. They represent the vital voices for change, they deserve the "Message of Hope" from us.

Since the SI-women have not seen active partnership but sidelined in the whole Gonzales commission work process and the drafting of the Paris Declaration we can not but send our amendments. I just hope the good examples of comrades from France and Scandinavia will serve as vital inspiration for all SI in the 21st century.