St. Petersborg juli 1999

OSCE PA's årlige møde

St. Petersborg juli 1999 - OSCE PA's årlige møde

The Session was opened by the President of the Assembly, Ms. Helle Degn of Denmark. In her opening address she stressed the duty of the PA to contribute to the organization's work in Kosovo and the need to achieve a formal status for the Parliamentary Assembly in the OSCE decision-making process. President Degn further emphasized the need to enhance the role of women in the work of the Organization, among other things by redressing the imbalance caused by the so-called"glass ceiling" which prevents women from reaching the top OSCE positions. Referring to the OSCE summit in Istanbul in mid-November, President Degn called on the Assembly to use the Annual Session to put forward views and recommendations.

Finally, the Assembly by acclamation re-elected Ms. Helle Degn, Chair of the Foreign Policy Committee in the Danish Parliament, as its President for a further one-year term. 

Helle Degn genvælges
Helle Degn genvælges som Præsident for OSCE PA
enstemmigt og med stående klapsalver

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